Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Biggest Scammer Of STARDOLL.

The Day Of June 23, 2009 around 2:00-3:00 AM Eastern Time i was goign to buy Broken Dress for 1600 stardollers from Samca. She messaged me telling me i could buy it. So, she sells me 1560 stardollers worth of stuff and then tells me someone else bid 1700 so i offered her the money and Paisley Print Scarf and Sparkle Purse. I Sold Her The DKNY Items and then i go to her sell so she will sale so she will sell me Broken Stripe Print Dress. Then when she said ready she said " HA HA you have been scammed! ;D" I Was Crying and begging for my stuff back She said no and that all she would give me is a gift i would get nothnig back.Then i told many people and i even have proof. Look Below For The Proof Of This Retched Girls Scam. (thanks Barb_A for teaching me how to print screen)
Report Her and Please, Help Me Get My Money and Dkny Back.

Monday, May 25, 2009



Recently, I was scammed by a girl none other than crazyA888.

She was supposed to sell me scuba for 398 stardollers. I first bought items for 60 then she was supposed to sell me scuba. Well, she remembered she sent a broadcast so she told me 2 wait 2 minutes. After two minutes she wasnt replying on chat so i said something in her guestbook and she said her chat wasn't working right, i knew it was. Well, I had to go so I told her to sell it to me Tommarow (technically today) and instead she blocked me and deleted me from her friends list, so she scammed me of 395 stardollers. Please, though she may have lots of old DKNY, report her, dont buy from her or trade with her.

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Scammers


(Scammed many people with her black sequin dress)10million

(took my (Nessa_V.) bow clutch while trading) StylistaAcademy

(took my (Nessa_V.) Runaway Satchel while trading) jingbingjing



Story Told By Me: Nessa_V.

The other day vicky620 asked for my de witt mary janes and i said for her to bid on them. Well, she said shed pay 60 and give me a code. Well, i sold her the shoes, and the code didnt work. So, i told her to sell them back to me and she kept making up excuses not to give them back. Then, yesturday, she said that if i gave her Balendra Bootie, Bow-Tie Platforms, and Lip Print Ruffle Dress that she would give me Sequins Dress, Sparkel Satchel, Sparkel Purse, and Lip Print Scarf. Well, i sold her all the items and she told me to go to her sale and she would sell me her items. Instead she logged off, blocked me and is calling me a scammer on her presentation. She is also saying someone else bought the items she was supposed to give me when they are sitting RIGHT there in her suite.


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Another Scammer On The Loose!


Being reported once before as on safe and scammer list she has struck again. This evening of May 22 Yipee55 scammed 2 close friends of mine, missdkny06 and xorockstar1xo.

xorockstar1xo story:She was buying DKNY Satin Crystal Dress from Yipee55, so, she had already bought 45 stardoller's worth of what she was paying when yipee55 said she supposedly put it for sale and someone else bought it and xorockstar1xo told yipee55 to give her the money back and she never did; she said no.

missdkny06 story:Today, yipee55 said that she would sell missdkny06 Satin Dress With Bow-Tie so, misskdny06 payed for a whole buch of crappy stuff for 60 and she was never sold the dress. SO, yipee55 scammed her of 240 stardollers all together.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Welcome stardoll members. I have decided to make a blog out of all the horrible scammers and hackers who have hit stardoll. its a very wrong thing to do. i believe its wrong so i would NEVER do so. So, please message me and scammer or hacker that's on stardoll that has done something horrible to you.